Consorzio Tutela del Formaggio Piave

The Consortium for the Protection of Formaggio Piave (Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Piave in Italian), with offices in Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL), was established in 2010 to protect the PDO (DOP in Italian) from misuse, counterfaiting and unfair competition.
The Consorzio also has the task of protecting the typicality and the peculiar characteristics of Piave cheese, to promote it on all markets – both national and international – and to uphold it by providing product information to consumers.

Fairs 2018

 Winter Fancy Food Show – January 21-23, San Francisco USA

True Italian Taste Masterclass – March 9, Toronto CANADA

Formaggio In Villa –  April 28 – May 1, Villa Farsetti, Santa Maria di Sala, Venice ITALY

Cibus 19th International Food Exhibition – May 7-10, Parma ITALY

Authentic Italian Table – May 9, Vancouver CANADA

Summer Fancy Food Show – June 30-July 2, New York USA