A superhero for kids!

What better way to talk to school-age children than using a language they can understand and enjoy?

Meet Captain Piave! the superhero featured in a Full HD 3D cartoon, who defends cheese from the Belluno Dolomites and all protected designation products from abuse and falsification.

The project is part of a more extensive project co-financed by the European Union and promoted by the Consortium, entitled “Nice to eat-EU”.

Meet the protagonists


defender of protected designation products and sworn enemy of all those who deal in imitations, especially Dr. Fake!

My mission?
To defend and promote the taste, tradition, originality and uniqueness of Piave DOP cheese and all its values.

My allies?
The Consorzio per la Tutela del Piave DOP and all the good farmers.

Hi kids! My name is BRUNA,

and I’ve spent the past 15 years living happily in my comfortable shed in the Dolomites, eating delicious, fragrant grass and giving my farmer the best possible milk.

But now I’ve been kidnapped!
A madman wants to reproduce Piave DOP in a laboratory!!! Even the cows know it’s complete nonsense, but you humans are really weird?!

Hello… I am DR. FAKE,

a chemical genius at the service of evil.

My goal in life?
To recreate the unique taste of Piave DOP in the laboratory, wasting less time and money on producing it and earning more money!

Umm, I have to confess, I’m having one or two problems with Bruna who ‘s stubbornly refusing to cooperate… but I’ll find a way to persuade her, oh yes I will!!!