Properties of Piave Dop Cheese

Fresh or mature, Piave DOP is a genuine food, easy to digest and with a high energy value, a vehicle for important nutritional elements that are essential for all ages. 

The average content of the main elements per 100 g of product varies depending on the degree of maturity of the product: in Piave DOP Vecchio, for example, the protein content is about 26 g, with 35 g of fat and an energy value of 452 kcal.

Its consumption is, therefore, a well-established dietary habit for many consumers who enjoy a healthy, balanced diet without sacrificing the taste of tradition.

  • done It is a genuine product due to the natural ingredients, consisting of fresh milk, milk enzymes, rennet and salt.
  • done It is a complete product from a nutritional point of view because it contains essential amino acids, calcium and phosphorus. 
  • done It is easily digestible because biochemical changes during the ripening process make fats and proteins easy to assimilate.
  • done It is a highly allergy-tolerant product because, thanks to the traditional production and ripening process, Piave DOP contain no lactose
  • done It is naturally gluten-free
  • done it is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, an essential nutrient that contributes to the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth, the conduction of nerve impulses, blood coagulation and muscle contraction.  The calcium contained in the cheese is distinguished not only by its large quantity but, above all, by its high bioavailability, i.e., it is easily absorbed into the metabolic processes. source:  Assolatte